FST NETWORK is the leading tech company that has brought actual Blockchain Applications to Business Uses. FST Network has developed more than 800 API.

FST Network’s solution can be deployed in any local / cloud environment, for example Microsoft Azure, AWS or even your own server to provide our clients a quick, efficient and flexible solution that fits in various business scenarios and various industries.

fst TOKEN One

We provide a fast and simple token issuance services that supports various types of tokens. 
Follow our ERC 1376 Standard , which is business friendly and mainstream ERC 20 compliant. 
Our intuitive interface makes it easy for you to get started. You can also request assistance from our partner network to ensure a smooth token issuance process.

Solutions & Features

It’s never been easier to manage data in a complex digital environment for your business. FST Network provides various industry agnostic data solutions that can help you manage identity, access control and accountable data across systems, fully igniting innovation and making the value of sophisticated data beyond your imagination.

Our Leading Partners

We are closely collaborating with the world’s leading brands including Microsoft Azure , AWS , ADVANTECH. Through the networks of with these top-notch partner networks, our Blockchain Modules is poised to be widely adopted and the global standard of Blockchain development.

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